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"Robinson Ward believe that sport is a powerful driver for change which is why we invest capital and our staff volunteer time in Tunnel 2K"
Keith Robinson: Director, Robinson Ward








Robinson Ward are a proud sponsor of North East England’s wheelchair extreme,  the “Tyne Tunnel 2K International”. This unique and breathtaking event takes place in September in the dead of night when the Tyne Tunnel which handles 38,000 vehicles a day is specially closed to traffic.

In an adrenaline charged dash to the belly of the river, 24 of the world's elite racers hit phenominal speeds - up to a staggering 50mph on the 1km downhill.  It's then a lung busting 1km 'killer climb' back out to the waiting crowds at the finish line.

This modern classic is shattering the traditional stereotype of disability and has acheived cult status amongst the world's sporting media.

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